Online Timesheet System - User Stories
# Story Name (Tag) Story Description Priority
1 Enter Hours User can enter hours worked and save this data or cancel and nothing is saved. 1
2 List Timesheets Employee can see a list of timesheets previously entered and click the ones that can be modified. 1
3 Sign In User can sign in to system using a valid employee id and password. 2
4 Sign Out Users can sign out of system to end current session. 2
5 Reminder Email Employee A reminder email is sent every Friday at 2 p.m. to employees who have not submitted their timesheet yet. 2
6 Print Timesheet Employee can print timesheet using best possible formatting in browser and automatic display of print dialog box. 3
7 Report: My Hours Employee can run a report named "My Hours" to view/print summary of weekly hours. 3
8 Submit Timesheet User can submit timesheet after hours have been entered; submittal email is sent to Manager. 3
9 Report: Staff Hours Manager can run a report named Staff Report to view a summary of a given week's hours for all employees under Manager. 4
10 Report: Overall Summary Executive can run a report named Overall Summary to view a summary of a given week's hours for all Managers in company. 4
11 Timesheet Approval Manager can approve/disapprove timesheet;notification email sent to Employee and Accounting department. 5
12 Timesheet Payment Accounting can indicate that Employee has been paid. 5
13 Reminder Email Manager A reminder email is sent every Friday at 4 p.m. to managers who have timesheets pending approval. 5


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