Online Timesheet System - UI Sketches

At this point, let's keep these screens as simple HTML (versus JSP) files so that we can pull them up locally in a browser instead of having to run them in a Java web server or pull them up in a JSP/HTML editor each time. When working with a customer, it is a good idea to keep technology out of the picture, as much as possible, until you are ready for development. This keeps things simple, so you can avoid any "technical difficulties" and instead focus on the business requirements at hand.

HTML pages are:

Page Screen Shot
1.signin signinpic
2.timesheet list timesheetlistpic 2.timesheet list (Version 2) timesheetlist2pic
3.timesheet approval timesheetapprovepic
4.timesheet enter hours timesheetenterhourspic
5.timesheet mark paid timesheetmarkpaidpic

Reports are:
6.timesheet reporttimesheetreportpic
6.timesheet report (Version 2)timesheetreportpic2.JPG
7.staff hours reportstaffhoursreportpic
7.staff hours report (Version 2)staffhoursreportpic2.JPG
7.summary reportsummaryreportpic
7.summary report (Version 2)summaryreportpic2.JPG

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