Online Timesheet System - Business Requirements
  • Hourly employees should be able to sign in to a web application (once or more each week) and enter their hours for each day of a given week. Along with the hours, the employee must select which department the hours are being billed to.
  • Employees will be required to submit their timesheets each week.
  • An employee's manager is notified of successfully submitted timesheets. The manager must then approve or disapprove the timesheets.
  • After a timesheet is approved or disapproved, a notification is sent back to the employee indicating the updated status of the timesheet. If the timesheet is approved, an email is also sent to the accounting department to process the paycheck for the given employee.
  • All users of Time Expression will have one or more relevant reports available to them.
  • A weekly reminder email will be sent out to employees who have not submitted their timesheets. Another reminder email is sent to managers who have employee timesheets pending approval.
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